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13th Nov 2018 - Chris S.Amand appointed General Manager

Baseball Ireland would like to announce the appointment of Chris St.Amand to the position of General Manager of the Senior National Team.

Chris has become a big contributor to baseball in Ireland since 2015, serving as captain for the Dublin City Hurricanes, an assistant coach for the senior National Team as well as a member of the National Team Committee. Chris grew up playing baseball in Boston and had played in the Australian leagues before moving back to Ireland in 2015.

As General Manager, Chris will be putting together a process and structure to support the senior National Team programme for the next two years. This position is not the on-field manger of the team. He will have oversight for the selection of coaches and players; team fundraising; and aligning the senior national team with Baseball Ireland's 10 x 10 Strategic plan.

Baseball Ireland is very excited about this appointment and wish Chris future success.


June 2017 - Irish National Team Schedule - Canada 2017


May 2016 - National Team Squad Announced

Irish National Team Manager Sean Mitchell has announced the 2016 squad and the 22 man travelling squad for the European Championships.

European Championships will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 23-31 July

2016 Irish National Baseball Team (Extended Roster)
1 Anglin (co-captain) Nat
2 Carey Paul
3 Carter Stephen
4 Coady Daniel
5 Cuevas Jamie
6 Cunningham Joe
7 Dolan JP
8 Ewansiha Osas
9 Fairbairn Jack
10 Farrell (co-captain) Leo
11 Federico-O'Murchu Paolo
12 Ferrato Michael-Anthony
13 Fox Alan
14 Geoghegan Frank
15 Higgins Tom
16 McKendry Rob
17 Molloy Pete
18 O'Shea Patrick
19 O'Sullivan Michael
20 Power Brendan
21 Rizo Sal
22 Scott Brendan
23 Shier Liam
24 Smith Brian
25 Steerman Matt
26 Treacy Mark
27 Viola Dan
28 Whelan Ronan
29 Williams Jesse
30 Woodburne Daniel

European Championships Travelling Squad
1 Anglin Nat
2 Carey Paul
3 Carter Stephen
4 Cuevas Jamie
5 Cunningham Joe
6 Farrell Leo
7 Federico-O'Murchu Paolo
8 Ferrato Michael-Anthony
9 Fox Alan
10 Geoghegan Frank
11 Molloy Pete
12 O'Shea Patrick
13 O'Sullivan Michael
14 Power Brendan
15 Rizo Sal
16 Scott Brendan
17 Shier Liam
18 Smith Brian
19 Steerman Matt
20 Treacy Mark
21 Williams Jesse
22 Woodburne Daniel

Fairbairn Jack
McKendry Rob
Viola Dan

Management Team
Mitchell Sean Manager
St Amand Chris Coach
Friedman David Assistant Coach
Murray Adam Scorekeeper

Congratulations to all selected and good luck for 2016!


July 2016 - Ashbourne Baseball Festival Announced!

Ashbourne Baseball Club and Baseball Ireland are delighted to announce that The Ashbourne Baseball Festival will be held from the 2nd - 10th July 2016.

2nd - 4th July : Youth tournament
4th - 6th July : Youth camp
7th - 10th July: International Tournament

International Tournament will feature Irish National Team, UCLA Alumni, Baseball Ambassadors, and another European team to be named later.

More to follow...


August 2015 - Fallon Media

Baseball Ireland And Fallon Media are pleased to announce a partnership to promote Baseball in Ireland

Baseball Ireland have announced that Fallon Media, an independent Irish media company from Co. Wexford, will be their official broadcast partners of the Grand Opening of the Ashbourne International Baseball Centre and of the Ashbourne International Baseball Festival.

Various YouTube videos will be produced including extended highlights programme of upcoming events. Fallon Media will cover the Grand Opening of the new International Baseball Centre in Ashbourne, Co.Meath on August 8-9. This will involves games between Irish Baseball League clubs and a demonstration from the Irish National Women's Fastpitch Softball Team.

Then Fallon Media will film the "Midsummer Classic" International Baseball tournament featuring Ireland, USA, Mexico and Belgium which runs from Aug 19 to August 23. The tournament will be a warm-up for the Irish National Team, who compete in the European Championships next year.

Peter Kavanagh, President of Baseball Ireland said, "We are delighted to be able to partner with a new and vibrant company like Fallon Media. More importantly, David Fallon is a baseball fan, which is unfortunately still rare in Ireland. His combination of skill at his craft and passion for the game made this a no-brainer for us."

David Fallon of Fallon Media is a presenter, on-site producer and cameraman and his work has been shown on TG4, Setanta Sports, IrishTV, Premier Sport (UK) and Fox Africa this year. He set up Fallon Media earlier this year to cater for the growing demand for videography services across sport, family events and web videos.

Twitter: @dfallonmedia


8th / 9th August - International Baseball Center - Grand Opening

Saturday 8th
11:45 Welcome
12:00 Ashbourne Giants v Sutton Red Sox (Coach Pitch)
13:00 Ashbourne Giants v Tullamore Tigers (Little League)
14:14 Opening Ceremony
15:00 Ashbourne Giants v Belfast Buccaneers
18:00 Softball Game

Sunday 9th
11:00 Opening Ceremony
12:00 Greystones Mariners v Shankill Blacksox (A league)
15:00 Fastpitch Softball National Team Demonstration
16:00 Dublin Hurricanes v Dublin Sparttans (A League)
19:00 Home Run Derby


July 2014 - Dublin Tournament

We have top quality youth and adult baseball in Corkagh this weekend! Come down and see the Irish National Team and the future of Irish baseball!

Dublin Tournament in Corkagh Park Clondalkin.

Saturday 19th on LL field
11.00 T-ball Ashbourne Giants v Sutton Red Rox
12.00 Little League Ashbourne Giants, Tullemore Tigers and Sutton Red Rox.
On Adult field
11.00 PD Baseball v Rota Blue Devils
14.30 Rota Blue Devils v Ireland

Sunday 20th on Adult field
11.00 Rota Blue Devils v Presidents Nine
14.00 Rota Blue Devils v Ireland
17.00 The Boys of Summer v The Young Ones ( Will Beglane 50th birthday game)

Baseball Summer Camp
Then starting Monday 21st and running to Thursday 24th Baseball Camp will be on in Corkagh Park from 11am-2 pm each day €10 per day and open to little league and cadets.


5th June 2014 - Table Quiz

Baseball Ireland will be running a table quiz in aid of the National Team on Thursday 5th of June.
Location: Bradys Pub, Shankill
Teams of 4 @ €40 per team



April 2nd 2014 - Irish National Team Announced

Irish National Team Manager Sean Mitchell has announced the 2014 squad that will be traveling to represent Ireland at the European Championships Qualifiers (C Pool) taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Nat Anglin
Dan Barry
Jamie Cuevas
Tom Enright
Jack Farrell
Leo Farrell
Michael-Anthony Ferrato
Alan Fox
Frank Geoghegan
Tommy Hernandez
Brendan Hourihan
Pete Molloy
T.J. O'Leary
Jimmy Pita
Brendan Power
Sal Rizo
Mark Treacy
Daniel Woodburne

In addition he has named a number of players that will not be traveling but will take part in all other National Team events:

Paul Carey
Paul Coombes
Jack Fairbairn
Alex Holloway
Darran O'Connor
Forrest Pierce
Brendan Scott


July 2013 - The Gathering 2013

International Baseball in Ireland!

The first Peter O'Malley International Invitational Baseball Tournament will be played at Corkagh Park in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland from July 12-14. Named for O'Malley, president of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1970-1998, the four-team tournament features the host Irish National Baseball Team, Rota Blue Devils, representing the United States Navy, British Baseball League entrant Liverpool Trojans and Los Barbaros, a team comprised of international players who have traveled from all over the world to compete in the tournament.

The tournament is Baseball Ireland's contribution to "The Gathering Ireland 2013," a year-long celebration of all things Irish - culture, tradition, sport and fun. Three games will be played on Friday, July 12, three games on Saturday, July 13, with the third-place and championship games set for Sunday, July 14.

"It is an honour and privilege to return to Ireland for this special baseball tournament and I salute the organizers for putting it together," said O'Malley. "Baseball in Ireland continues to grow and succeed with about 250 youth players around the island. The success of the Irish National team has generated interest in the game and it is gratifying that there are more fields being developed."

The international tournament is named for O'Malley, who is a friend and significant contributor to the success of baseball in Ireland, according to Mike Kindle, Chairman of Baseball Ireland.

"We are very excited to have Peter O'Malley return to the site of O'Malley and Dodger Fields, which he built in 1998," said Kindle. "We appreciate Peter's generosity and foresight in helping baseball to grow in Ireland. The fields he built for youth (O'Malley Little League) and adults (Dodger Baseball) have touched many lives in the past 15 years. Peter is in constant contact with us and is very interested in the development of baseball in Ireland and indeed, the world."

O'Malley had previously privately built fields in two countries - "Dodger Baseball Field" in Tianjin, People's Republic of China in 1986 and "Little League Friendship Field" in Managua, Nicaragua in 1992. He also privately built what was considered a leader in the field, a state-of-the-art baseball academy "Campo Las Palmas" near Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

O'Malley's first meeting with Baseball Ireland was in 1994, with the goal of getting more people involved with the game.

By July 4, 1998, two fields built strictly for baseball were dedicated at Corkagh Park - a regulation-sized adult field (Dodger Baseball Field) and an international standard Little League field (O'Malley Little League Field), which serve as the centerpiece of baseball in Ireland and have been used continuously for adult and youth regular season and international games.

At the time of dedication, O'Malley said, "In the past, children have been playing baseball on the corners of rugby and soccer fields in Ireland, frequently being asked to relocate during the game. Now the children and families of Dublin have their own field of dreams to enjoy the game of baseball uninterrupted."

The tournament will add an international element to Baseball Ireland's traditional midsummer classic, usually consisting of games against a single touring side, as it will see two non-Irish teams playing baseball in Dublin for the first time since 1946, when two American teams returning from service in Britain in WWII played an exhibition game in Croke Park. Kindle is hopeful the game's appeal can grow in Ireland. "Baseball is the second most widely played field sport on the planet, behind soccer, and there are approximately 120 countries that are affiliated with the International Baseball Federation and actively play internationally. We're hoping people will see it being played for the first time and get involved, or get their kids playing Little League. I mean, who doesn't like to hit something with a bat? It's the greatest feeling in the world!"

"South Dublin County is the home of Irish Baseball," said Kindle, "and thanks to South Dublin County Council, our main sponsors SoftCo and Generator Hostels and of course, Peter O'Malley, it's going to be home to a festival of sport and fun for all the family."


Friday (July 12)

12:00 Rota Blue Devils vs. Ireland

15:00 Liverpool Trojans vs. Rota Blue Devils

18:00 Los Barbaros vs. Liverpool Trojans

Saturday (July 13)

11:00 Ireland vs. Liverpool Trojans

14:00 Rota Blue Devils vs. Los Barbaros

17:00 Ireland vs. Los Barbaros

Sunday (July 14)

11:00 Third Place Game

14:00 Championship Final

More info is available here:

Click here to find out about Mike Kindle, one of the founders of Baseball Ireland and the organiser of the tournament.

More information on The Gathering and the tournament can be found here:

Listen to Mike being interviewed on the Last Word with Matt Cooper
Listen to the Baseball Ireland Gathering Radio Advert


July 2013 - SoftCo sponsor Baseball Ireland

Dublin, Ireland. SoftCo are delighted announce that it will sponsor Baseball Ireland in the forthcoming Peter O'Malley International Tournament in Dublin and European Championships in Vienna. Baseball Ireland is a competitive association with a history of achievements over the last 17 years in Ireland and internationally. The association is responsible for the development and promotion of baseball throughout Ireland.

As part of Tourism Ireland's "The Gathering 2013" the tournament will take place from 12th to the 14th of July 2013 in Corkagh Park Clondalkin, the home of Irish Baseball. Teams representing the United States and Great Britain will take on the Irish national team as part of Baseball Ireland's contribution to the Gathering. The three days of games are free to attend.

"We are delighted to be sponsoring Baseball Ireland as part of The Gathering 2013", said Susan Spence, Executive Chairman, SoftCo. "We wish the Irish team the very best of luck in the tournament."

Mike Kindle, tournament organiser, welcomed SoftCo's involvement. "It's great that an Irish company has given its backing to the tournament and to the National Team," he said "With SoftCo batting for us, we can move on and achieve great things on and off the diamond."


July 2013 - The O'Malley baseball fields in Dublin, Ireland - a short history of Ireland's home of baseball

By Cormac Eklof

Ahead of The Peter O'Malley International Invitational tournament, a part of The Gathering, we take a quick look at the baseball field funded by Peter O'Malley of LA Dodgers fame

The O'Malley Fields at Corcaigh Park in Clondalkin, West Dublin are the main home of Irish Baseball. The fields are named after legendary LA Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley, who generously funded their construction in 1998. The majority of league games are held at the fields, along with playoff games and Ireland National Team games and practice sessions.

Peter's father, Walter Francis O'Malley (October 9, 1903 - August 9, 1979) was an American sports executive who owned the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers team in Major League Baseball from 1950 to 1979. Calling him a baseball executive, however, is not paying him anything close to his full due, he is a Dodgers legend. The Dodgers were initially successful under O'Malley's leadership, winning National League pennants in 1952, 1953, 1955, and 1956. In 1958 he brought major league baseball to the West Coast, moving the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. They remained successful on the field, winning the World Series in 1959, 1963, and 1965.

On March 17, 1970, Walter turned over the presidency of the team to his son Peter. Peter O'Malley held the position until 1998 when the team was sold on. In that time he became friendly with legendary baseball Ireland emissaries Anne Murphy, Mike Kindle and Mick Manning, a trio who have worked tirelessly championing the sport in Ireland. Through that friendship, Peter generously funded the construction of the O'Malley baseball Fields at Corcaigh Park in Clondalkin, West Dublin in 1998 and those fields have been the home of Irish Baseball ever since.

The fields are not only the logistical home of baseball in Ireland, they are the spiritual home of same also. Since their constructions in 1998 thousands of moments and memories have been born at that field, quite literally hundreds of great games of baseball have been played there. It is safe to say that people's lives have been elevated by those fields, and most people who have played ball in Ireland owe a great debt to the generosity of Peter O'Malley and his family.

Baseball Ireland, proudly supported by The Gathering Dublin and Fingal Leader Partnership, will be holding the inaugural Peter O'Malley International Invitational Baseball Tournament from July 12-14, 2013 in Corkagh Park, West Dublin. Participating teams are expected from Ireland, continental Europe, and the UK.



12th June 2013 - Spreading the game to the Emerald Isle

Article from NCAA

KEUKA PARK, N.Y. Ireland is known for its unique style of dance, spectacular coastlines and challenging golf courses, but when it comes to baseball, the Emerald Isle is behind the rest of the world.

Among the sporting pursuits more popular than baseball in Ireland are Gaelic football (a physically demanding sport combining rugby, soccer and basketball), soccer, golf and boxing.

Baseball, America's pastime, didn't officially infiltrate the Irish culture until 1989 when the Irish Baseball & Softball Federation formed with a stated goal of cultivating baseball and softball players throughout the country.

The Irish first fielded an international team in the mid-1990s and started competing in the European Championships in 1996, with the national team earning a fourth-place finish in the Pool B championships in 2004, followed by a second-place finish in the 2008 championships.

So while Irish baseball isn't nearly on par with the level of play present in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Japan, the country is slowly making strides towards international respectability.

John Sculli, a 2012 Keuka College graduate who pitched on the Storm's baseball team for three years, is among the people trying to spread the national pastime across the pond to Ireland.

Read more ...

3rd May 2013 - 2013 National Team Squad Announced

Irish National Team - 2013

Ireland Based Squad

1 Barry Dan   13 Kelley Tom
2 Coombes Paul   14 Kelly Eric
3 Cuevas Jamie   15 O'Connor Darran
4 Divito Steve   16 O'Sullivan Michael
5 Donnelly Gareth   17 Pierce Forrest
6 Fairbairn Jack   18 Pita Jimmy
7 Farrell Jack   19 Powers Colin
8 Farrell Leo   20 Rizo Sal
9 Fox Alan   21 Scott Brendan
10 Franks Brian   22 Treacy Mark
11 Geoghegan Frank   23 Tully Colm
12 Hernandez Tommy   24 Woodburne Daniel

European Championships Squad

1 Anglin Nat   13 Hourihan Brendan
2 Barry Dan   14 Kelley Tom
3 Cuevas Jamie   15 McKendry Robert
4 Divito Steve   16 Molloy Pete
5 Donnelly Gareth   17 O'Connor Darran
6 Enright Tom   18 O'Sullivan Michael
7 Farrell Leo   19 Pita Jimmy
8 Ferrato Michael-Anthony   20 Rizo Sal
9 Fairbairn Jack   21 Scanlan Ryan
10 Fox Alan   22 Scott Brendan
11 Geoghegan Frank   23 Smith Brian
12 Hernandez Tommy   24 Woodburne Daniel

Training & Game Schedule

Mon Jun 17th 18:00   Training session #1  
Wed Jun 19th 18:00   Training session #2  
Sun Jun 23rd 12:00   Game vs P9  
Mon Jun 24th 18:00   Training session #3  
Wed Jun 26th 18:00   Training session #4  
Mon Jul 1st 18:00   Training session #5  
Wed Jul 3rd 18:00   Training session #6  
Mon Jul 8th 18:00   Training session #7  
Wed Jul 10th 18:00   Training session #8  
Fri Jul 12th All day   Gathering tournament  
Sat Jul 13th All day   Gathering tournament  
Sun Jul 14th All day   Gathering tournament  
Wed Jul 17th 18:00   Training session #9  
Fri Jul 19th 18:00   Training session #10  
Sat Jul 20th 12:00   Game vs P9  
Mon Jul 22nd 15:00   Game vs Russia  
Tue Jul 23rd 19:00   Game vs Austria  
Wed Jul 24th 15:00   Game vs Lithuania  
Thu Jul 25th 15:00   Game vs Belarus  
Fri Jul 26th 11:00   Game vs Slovakia  
Sat Jul 27th 14:00   Final


14/3/2013 - European Championship B-Level 2013 Fixtures



VIENNA, AUSTRIA 22nd July till 27th June 2013


1 Russia RUS
2 Austria AUT
3 Lithuania LTU
4 Slovakia SVK
5 Ireland IRL
6 Belarus BLR

Preliminary Round:

Date Nbr Field Time Game
Monday 1 Spenadlwiese 11:00 Lithuania - Belarus
22-Jul-13 2 Spenadlwiese 15:00 Ireland - Russia
  3 Spenadlwiese 19:00 Slovakia - Austria
Tuesday 4 Spenadlwiese 11:00 Russia - Lithuania
23-Jul-13 5 Spenadlwiese 15:00 Belarus - Slovakia
  6 Spenadlwiese 19:00 Austria - Ireland
Wednesday 7 Spenadlwiese 11:00 Russia - Slovakia
24-Jul-13 8 Spenadlwiese 15:00 Lithuania - Ireland
  9 Spenadlwiese 19:00 Austria - Belarus
Thursday 10 Spenadlwiese 11:00 Lithuania - Slovakia
25-Jul-13 11 Spenadlwiese 15:00 Ireland - Belarus
  12 Spenadlwiese 19:00 Russia - Austria
Friday 13 Spenadlwiese 11:00 Slovakia - Ireland
26-Jul-13 14 Spenadlwiese 15:00 Belarus - Russia
  15 Spenadlwiese 19:00 Austria - Lithuania

16 Spenadlwiese 14:00 #1 - #2


10/3/2013 - Munster Warriors on 100.5 Cork City Community Radio

James Kelly from the Munster Warriors Baseball Team discusses baseball in Cork and the Irish National team with Sporting Cork on 100.5 Cork City Community Radio.

Click here to listen


27/2/2013 - Baseball Ireland AGM

The BI AGM is scheduled for 4:30pm sharp this Saturday, 2nd March.

previous location of Donaghmore Ashbourne GAA club can not accommodate us
so we've had to change the location to the upstairs room in Kelly's pub on
the main street through Ashbourne. See link below to the location.

Click here for location

Time: 4pm (After the final Spring Training session)


- Roll Call

- Minutes of last AGM

- President's Report

- Secretary's Report and National Teams report

- Treasurer's Report and presentation of Accounts

- Motions & Proposals

- Election of Officers to National Executive Committee and Board of Directors

- Any Other Business

For the Election of Officers, nominations need to be submitted to Sean Mitchell by email prior to midnight on Saturday, 23rd February with both a nominator and a seconder who are members of the organisation. Motions & Proposals must also be submitted to Sean Mitchell by email by the same deadline in order for them to be formally considered at the meeting.

Will Beglane (President) and Sean Mitchell (Secretary) are both entering the third year of their three year terms and have confirmed their intention to continue in office and so no elections will be held for those positions. Mick Manning and Mike Kindle have both completed their 3 year terms on the Board of Directors and so elections will be held for those positions. Jim Purcell also resigned as Treasurer and so that position (also a 3 year term) will be open as well. So the complete list for which we're seeking nominations is as follows:

Chairman of the Board (Board role)

National Academy Director (Board role)

Treasurer (NEC and Board role)

Adult League Coordinator

Youth League Coordinator


Facilities Officer

Public Relations Officer

Fundraising Officer

20/2/2013 - National Team Trials will take place on Sunday 14th of April @ Corkagh Park

National Team Trials will take place on Sunday 14th of April @ Corkagh Park.
More Details to Follow

2011 - 2011 Stats

Batting Stats

For the overall 2011 campaign including the 4 games in Barcelona, 4 games vs the Rota Blue Devils and 2 games vs the Presidents Nine

We managed to split the wins/losses down the middle, 1-1 vs the P9, 2-2 vs the Blue devils and 2-2 in Barcelona.

Anglin,Doug 4 12 10 2 2 0 2 3 5 0 0.200 0 0 0.333 0.200 0.533 0.286 2 0 0 0 2 2 0
Anglin,Greg 5 14 13 0 3 1 0 1 8 1 0.231 0 0 0.286 0.231 0.516 0.250 3 0 0 0 3 2 0
Anglin,Nat 5 18 14 2 6 5 4 1 8 0 0.429 0 0 0.556 0.429 0.984 0.462 4 1 0 0 6 0 0
Cuevas,Jaime 9 35 33 6 17 10 1 0 7 1 0.515 0 0 0.543 0.545 1.088 0.515 16 1 0 0 18 2 0
DeVito,Steven 6 17 15 1 4 3 1 3 7 0 0.267 1 0 0.294 0.333 0.627 0.308 3 1 0 0 5 0 0
Dillon,John 10 39 34 9 5 2 4 5 19 1 0.147 0 0 0.256 0.147 0.403 0.172 5 0 0 0 5 1 0
Fox,Alan 8 24 21 6 8 3 2 5 9 1 0.381 0 0 0.458 0.429 0.887 0.500 7 1 0 0 9 2 1
Geoghan,Frank 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0.000 0 0 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hernandez,Tommy 8 30 24 6 9 5 4 1 10 1 0.375 1 0 0.467 0.458 0.925 0.375 8 0 1 0 11 2 1
Kelly,Tom 6 22 17 3 1 2 4 1 13 1 0.059 0 0 0.273 0.059 0.332 0.063 1 0 0 0 1 1 0
O'Connell,Pat 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0.500 0 0 0.500 0.500 1.000 1.000 1 0 0 0 1 1 0
O'Connor,Darran 8 22 18 3 2 0 3 6 11 0 0.111 0 1 0.238 0.111 0.349 0.167 2 0 0 0 2 0 0
O'Sullivan,Michael 7 20 19 2 3 0 1 4 11 0 0.158 0 0 0.200 0.158 0.358 0.200 3 0 0 0 3 1 0
Pierce,Forrest 5 7 6 0 1 3 1 4 5 0 0.167 0 0 0.286 0.333 0.619 0.500 0 1 0 0 2 0 0
Pita,Jimmy 7 26 23 7 8 5 2 0 4 1 0.348 0 0 0.423 0.391 0.814 0.348 7 1 0 0 9 1 2
Powers,Colin 4 6 6 0 1 0 0 2 5 0 0.167 0 0 0.167 0.167 0.333 0.250 1 0 0 0 1 0 0
Rizo,Sal 5 17 15 2 2 0 0 1 8 2 0.133 0 0 0.235 0.133 0.369 0.143 2 0 0 0 2 4 0
Smith,Brian 7 25 17 6 4 1 7 0 4 1 0.235 0 0 0.480 0.235 0.715 0.235 4 0 0 0 4 3 1
Woodbourne,Daniel 4 13 11 4 4 4 1 1 2 1 0.364 0 0 0.462 0.545 1.007 0.400 2 2 0 0 6 0 1
TeamTotal 337 288 56 77 40 36 39 136 10 0.267 2 1 0.366 0.292 0.658 0.307 69 6 1 0 84 22 5

GamesPlayed - GP

PlateAppearances - PA

AtBats - AB

Runs - R

Hits - H

RunsBattedin - RBI

BasesonBall - BB

StrikeOuts - SO

PlayersleftonBase - LOB

HitbyPitch - HBP

BattingAverage - AVG

SacrificeFlies - SF

SacrificeBunts -SacB

OnBase% - OBP

Slugging%OnBase+Slugging - OPS

BattingAverageBallsinPlay - BABIP

Singles - 1B

Doubles - 2B

Triples - 3B


TotalBasesonHits - TB

StolenBases - SB

CaughtStealing - CS

AVG Hits RBIs Runs
JaimeCuevas 0.515 JaimeCuevas 17 Cuevas,Jaime 10 JohnDillon 9
NatAnglin 0.429 TommyHernandez 9 Anglin,Nat 5 JimmyPita 7
AlanFox 0.381 AlanFox 8 Hernandez,Tommy 5 JaimeCuevas 6
TommyHernandez 0.375 JimmyPita 8 Pita,Jimmy 5 TommyHernandez 6
WoodyWoodbourne 0.364 NatAnglin 6 Woodbourne,Daniel 4 AlanFox 6
JimmyPita 0.348 JohnDillon 5 DeVito,Steven 3 BrianSmith 6
SteveDeVito 0.267 WoodyWoodbourne 4 Fox,Alan 3 WoodyWoodbourne 4
BrianSmith 0.235 SteveDeVito 4 Pierce,Forrest 3 DarranO'Connor 3
GregAnglin 0.231 BrianSmith 4 Dillon,John 2 TomKelly 3
Anglin,Doug 0.200 O'Sullivan,Michael 3 Kelly,Tom 2 Anglin,Nat 2
Pierce,Forrest 0.167 Anglin,Greg 3 Anglin,Greg 1 Anglin,Doug 2
Powers,Colin 0.167 O'Connor,Darran 2 Smith,Brian 1 O'Sullivan,Michael 2
O'Sullivan,Michael 0.158 Anglin,Doug 2 Rizo,Sal 2
Dillon,John 0.147 Rizo,Sal 2 O'Connell,Pat 1
Rizo,Sal 0.133 Kelly,Tom 1 DeVito,Steven 1
O'Connor,Darran 0.111 Pierce,Forrest 1
Kelly,Tom 0.059 O'Connell,Pat 1
Powers,Colin 1

BB OBP SLG StolenBases
BrianSmith 7 NatAnglin 0.556 JaimeCuevas 0.545 SalRizo 4
JohnDillon 4 JaimeCuevas 0.543 WoodyWoodbourne 0.545 BrianSmith 3
NatAnglin 4 BrianSmith 0.480 TommyHernandez 0.458 AlanFox 2
TommyHernandez 4 TommyHernandez 0.467 NatAnglin 0.429 DougAnglin 2
TomKelly 4 WoodyWoodbourne 0.462 AlanFox 0.429 TommyHernandez 2
DarranO'Connor 3 AlanFox 0.458 JimmyPita 0.391 GregAnglin 2
AlanFox 2 JimmyPita 0.423 SteveDeVito 0.333 JaimeCuevas 2
DougAnglin 2 DougAnglin 0.333 ForrestPierce 0.333 JohnDillon 1
JimmyPita 2 SteveDeVito 0.294 BrianSmith 0.235 MichaelO'Sullivan 1
ForrestPierce 1 GregAnglin 0.286 GregAnglin 0.231 TomKelly 1
MichaelO'Sullivan 1 ForrestPierce 0.286 DougAnglin 0.200 PatO'Connell 1
SteveDeVito 1 TomKelly 0.273 JimmyPita 1
WoodyWoodbourne 1 JohnDillon 0.256
JaimeCuevas 1 DarranO'Connor 0.238



July 2012 - New York 2012 - Stats

National Team


Pitching Stats

  IP PA R H 2B 3B HR BB ER Bavg ERA   SB   K
Brendan Hourihan 5.1 18 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0.111 0.00   0   5
Pat O'Connell 5 24 3 3 0 0 0 4 0 0.125 0.00   1   1
Pat Gorman 4.2 19 3 3 0 0 0 4 0 0.158 0.00   0   4
Cian O'Riordan 0.1 4 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.000 0.00   0   1
Tom Enright 4 19 3 4 0 0 1 3 1 0.211 2.25   0   2
Rob McKendry 2 8 1 2 0 0 0 1 1 0.250 4.50   1   2
T.J O'Leary 7.2 37 7 10 1 0 0 6 5 0.270 5.87   1   4
Brendan Scott 3.1 21 4 7 1 0 1 3 4 0.333 10.80   0   0
Jack Farrell 1.2 14 4 6 1 0 0 4 4 0.429 21.60   1   0
Sean Finn 2.2 21 8 5 2 0 0 7 7 0.238 23.62   1   1
Leo Farrell 0.2 6 2 1 0 0 0 4 2 0.167 26.87   3   0
Nat Anglin 4 20 5 3 0 0 2 5 4 0.150 27.01   2   1
Jack Fairbairn 0.2 8 5 2 0 0 1 4 5 0.250 67.16   0   0
    219 48 48 5 0 5 47 33 0.219 33.00   10   21

Hitting Stats


Brian Smith 24 17 7 10 3 0 0 7 3 0.588 0.708 0.765 0 0 1
Pete Molloy 11 8 4 4 0 1 0 0 0 0.500 0.636 0.750 0 0 3
Greg Anglin 11 11 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0.364 0.364 0.364 0 0 2
Mike Murphy 21 17 4 6 1 1 0 4 8 0.353 0.476 0.529 1 0 4
Keith Finnerty 23 16 3 5 1 0 0 6 10 0.313 0.522 0.375 0 1 4
Michael O'Sullivan 10 7 2 2 0 0 0 3 1 0.286 0.500 0.286 0 0 2
Doug Anglin 13 11 1 3 0 0 0 2 0 0.273 0.385 0.273 0 0 1
Nat Anglin 19 13 3 3 1 0 0 5 0 0.231 0.474 0.308 0 0 3
Colin Powers 10 9 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 0.222 0.300 0.222 0 0 4
Frank Geoghegan 8 8 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.125 0.125 0.125 0 0 3
Alan Fox 18 17 1 2 0 0 0 1 4 0.118 0.167 0.118 1 0 5
Darran O'Connor 13 9 4 1 0 0 0 4 1 0.111 0.385 0.111 0 0 4
Eric Kelly 18 14 2 1 0 0 0 3 0 0.071 0.278 0.071 0 1 7
Forrest Pierce 4 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.000 0.250 0.000 0 0 2
Brendan Hourihan 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.000 0.500 0.000 0 0 0
Robert McKendry 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000 0.000 0.000 0 0 2
Will Bluett 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000 0.000 0.000 0 0 3
  210 166 32 44 6 2 0 38 28 0.265 0.419 0.325 2 2 50


Squad 2012

National Team Squad 2012


National Team - July 2012

National Team


In July 2012 the Irish National team, with the help of Brian Smith, traveled to New York to play a series of games against local opposition. The highlight of the trip was the final game against the FDNY Bravest team in Provident Bank Park.


Irish Examiner

National Team New York results:

Rockland Astros
Rockland Astros
New City Outlaws


July 2012 - New York 2012 - Photos

National Team

New York 2012

National Team 2012

National Team Squad 2012

Sean Finn

Sean Finn

Alan Fox

Alan Fox

Colin Powers

Colin Powers

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

Colin Powers

Colin Powers

Pat Gorman

Pat Gorman

Pat Gorman

Pat Gorman


2012 Squad @ Provident Bank Park


The Future

Darran O'Connor

Darran O'Connor (Captain)


TJ O'Leary


The Anglins (Doug, Nat, Greg)

Provident Bank Park

Provident Bank Park






Nat & Michael

Brian Smith

Brian Smith


Pete Molloy


Sean Mitchell (Manager)


Greg Anglin


Greg Anglin


July 2010 - Rhode Island 2010 Stats

National Team

Rhode Island 2010

Pitching Stats

    W L S Innings K BB H R ER WP HP ERA WHIP
Anglin Nat 1 0 0 5 5 3 3 1 0 1 0 0.00 1.20
Fairbairne Jack 0 0 1 3 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0.00 0.67
Farrell Leo 0 0 0 4 0 5 2 3 3 1 1 6.75 2.00
Finn Sean 0 1 0 6 3 3 3 1 0 0 0 0.00 1.00
Gannon Chris 0 1 0 6 7 2 7 6 3 0 0 4.50 1.50
Gorman Pat 0 0 0 1.1 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 8.18 3.64
O'Connell Pat 0 1 0 7 3 6 7 6 4 0 0 5.14 1.86
O'Leary T.J. 1 0 0 7 4 4 6 5 3 0 0 3.86 1.43
O'Riordan Cian 0 0 0 4 3 2 4 2 2 2 1 4.50 1.75

Hitting Stats

Surname First name AB R H Bavg OBP RBI K
Anglin Nat 11 1 2 0.182 0.357 3 3
Anglin Doug 15 4 6 0.400 0.526 1 1
Bluett William 2 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 1
Dillon John 14 4 3 0.214 0.412 0 2
Farrell Leo 9 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 6
Fox Alan 17 2 3 0.176 0.263 0 7
Hernandez Tommy 16 1 5 0.313 0.476 5 3
Hoye Jason 6 2 2 0.333 0.500 1 1
Keeney Conner 1 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 0
O'Connell Pat 3 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 1
O'Connor Darran 14 5 5 0.357 0.590 1 4
O'Connor Eoin 17 0 3 0.176 0.263 5 4
O'Leary T.J. 2 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 2
Pierce Forrest 1 0 0 0.000 0.000 1 1
Powers Colin 1 0 0 0.000 0.000 0 0
Rizo Sal 12 0 1 0.083 0.267 0 3
Smith Brian 14 2 7 0.500 0.632 3 3

National Team Squad 2010


July 2010 - Rhode Island 2010 Reports


July 2010 - Rhode Island 2010 Photos

National Team

Rhode Island 2010

National Team Squad 2010

National Team @ Campanelli Stadium, Brockton, Massachusetts

TJ O'Leary, John Dillon & Jack Fairbairn @ Campanelli Stadium, Brockton, Massachusetts

Doug Anglin @ Campanelli Stadium, Brockton, Massachusetts

Sean Finn @ Milton, Boston v Al Thomas A's

National Team v Al Thomas A's, Milton, Boston

Sal Rizo v Al Thomas A's, Milton, Boston

Sean Mitchell, National Team Manager 2010

Brian Smith @ URI, Rhode Island

National Team Squad @ URI, Rhode Island

National Team Squad v Al Thomas A's, Milton, Boston

Darran O'Connor @ Campanelli Stadium, Brockton, Massachusetts

National Team @ Cardines Field, NewPort, Rhode Island

Jon Houston & the worlds oldest baseball bat


- Baseball Ireland: Bye-Laws


Table of Contents

Bye-Laws of Baseball Ireland

1 Preamble

2 Definitions

3 Challenging and Changing the Bye-Laws

3.1 Constitutionality Challenges

3.2 Extraordinary General Meetings

4 National Executive Committee

4.1 Special Officers on the NEC

4.2 The Budget

4.3 The Registration Process

4.3.1 Clubs and Teams

4.3.2 Players

4.3.3 Club officials

4.3.4 Baseball Ireland Officials

4.3.5 Associate Members

5 Club & Team Formation / Organization

5.1 Responsibilities

6 League Formation / Organization

6.1 League Schedule

6.2 League Champions

6.3 Player Rosters, Allocations& Transfers

6.3.1 Team Rosters & Floating Players Floating Players

6.3.2 Player Assignment

6.3.3 Player Draft

6.3.4 Transfer of Players

6.3.5 Player Recruitment

6.4 Game Cancellations and Postponements

6.5 Protested Games

7 Game Day Rules

7.1 Equipment and Uniforms

7.2 Field preparation and cleanup

7.3 Rules of Baseball

8 Umpiring & Scorekeeping

9 Tournaments, Cup and Blitz competitions

9.1 Cup Competitions

9.2 Tournaments and Blitz Competitions

10 Disciplinary Procedures

10.1 Procedures

10.2 Appeals

10.2.1 Recommended Disciplinary Actions

11 Sanctions & Appeals

11.1 Sanctions

11.2 Appeals

12 National Team

13 Representative Teams

14 Safety & Insurance

14.1 Restrictions on Playing

15 Ethics & Child Protection Policy

16 Anti-Doping Policy

1 Preamble

This document sets forth the bye-laws of Baseball Ireland which exists to promote and develop the game of baseball on the island of Ireland. These bye-laws should be read in the context of the Baseball Ireland Constitution which stipulates their existence. The bye-laws govern all activities Baseball Ireland engages in except those reserved by the Constitution to itself or to separate documents referred in these bye-laws. In all cases, the Constitution should take precedence over the bye-laws and any bye-law can be queried for their constitutionality by following the procedures outlined below. Baseball Ireland will establish at least one adult baseball league in Ireland per season and appoint one National Team annually. Baseball Ireland envisages a day where multiple leagues could exist either regionally and / or differentiated on standard of play. Bye-laws to handle such a situation will be created when it develops. Baseball Ireland will maintain the National Baseball Field located in Corkagh Park, also known as Dodger Field. As part of the goals of Baseball Ireland, additional facilities will be encouraged and supported. Baseball Ireland shall be governed by a National Executive Committee (NEC) as created in the Constitution. That committee is not the only decision makers in the Federation as we know each team makes a significant contribution to the league and Federation. Hence many of the voting procedures for deciding league specific activities include one vote for each team. Some decisions are reserved for the NEC explicitly. In the event that no mention is made in the bye-laws as to who makes a particular decision, that decision shall be reserved for the NEC.

2 Definitions

Federation: Baseball Ireland may be referred to as the Federation in the text of the bye-laws. National Executive Committee: Committee stipulated in the constitution of Baseball Ireland that governs the activities of the Federation, also known as the NEC. Competition: Any league, Cup or Blitz the Federation organizes or offers. League competition: A competition between a group of teams for a league championship where each team plays the other at least once. The bye-laws discuss league formation and conduct below. Cup competition: A competition between a group of teams participating in an elimination style competition over a series of days or weeks. The bye-laws discuss cup competitions below. Blitz competition: A competition between a group of teams participating in an elimination style competition over a single day or weekend. The bye-laws discuss blitz competitions below. Team: A team consists of a roster of registered players and a designated manager. The Federation has three types of teams: League Teams, National Teams and Representative Teams. League Team: a team formed to play in any Federation leagues. Club: An organization that forms one or more baseball teams. Some clubs wholly organize and run their teams and competitions. Most clubs form teams to participate in a Federation competition.. . National Teams: teams of Irish passport holders as players only formed by Baseball Ireland to represent Ireland in competition. Representative Teams: a team of registered league players formed by Baseball Ireland to represent the league in a competition. Player: a player is any person who can participate in a baseball game under the rules of Baseball Ireland who has registered. For adult leagues, the player must be over the age of 16, or over the age of 14 with parental consent and consent of the National Executive Committee. A can player can only be on the roster of one team at a time except under the Floating Player bye-law discussed below. Umpire: an official of the league chosen to implement the rules of Baseball Ireland for a particular game. Scorekeeper: an official of the league chosen to record game statistics for a particular game. Manager or Coach: the person responsible for a particular team and who represents that team in conversations with the league and the NEC. Registered: A player is considered registered when they have submitted their names to the Baseball Ireland Treasurer and paid their fees to the Federation. A club is considered registered when it has paid all levies due for that season. Member: a person who has registered as either full member or associate member. See registrations process. Made Public: a vote where each individual vote cast is recorded in the notes of the meeting and are subsequently posted on the Federation web site. To Publish: phrase meaning to place on the web site and in a "what's new" section of the home page as well as alert all of the managers for registered clubs. Officials Association: An approved organization to represent either umpires or scorekeepers to the NEC.

3 Challenging and Changing the Bye-Laws

The bye-laws of Baseball Ireland derive their authority from the Constitution and which holds that the bye-laws can be altered by the NEC at any time. The NEC will alert the membership when any changes are made and post the new publication on the Federation web site along with a notification in a "What's new" section of the home page. NEC votes on bye-laws shall not normally be made public. Any member of the Federation who wishes to change the bye-laws may make suggestions to any member of the NEC for consideration.

3.1 Constitutionality Challenges If a member wants to challenge the constitutionality of any bye-law, they must present their case in writing to the President and Secretary who will place discussion of the challenge at the next NEC meeting and invite the member making the challenge and a manager from each of the registered clubs and official organizations. Constitutional challenges shall be subject to a simple majority vote from the NEC, Official Organizations and Clubs where each member of the NEC gets one vote, each Officials Association and each Club gets one vote. Each vote shall be made public. Five cast votes shall be considered a quorum. Since the Federation has found it difficult get sufficient people to attend these meetings, constitutionality challenge votes will be done via email to the Secretary so long as that email arrives within one week of the date the Secretary requests the votes. Any vote not cast shall not be counted. Once a Constitutional Challenge is made, the NEC will hold the review meeting within 3 weeks and the vote held no longer than 6 weeks from the submission of the letter. The only appeals process for the decision shall be to organize an EGM or wait for the next AGM where proposals can be put forward for vote as per the procedures outlined in the Federation Constitution. This section intends to accomplish an intermediate ground between unwieldy and difficult to organize and run EGMs and AGMs and an autocratic NEC. The club managers will always be a smaller body than the entire registered body, they are by nature interested in baseball and probably aware of what is good for the league. They will also be aware of a wider variety of activities the NEC sponsors and issues facing BI. This is not to say that they are easy to work with, but if we give them a vote on issues here, we reduce the democratic deficit w/o having to resort to the chaos of EGMs.

3.2 Extraordinary General Meetings The Baseball Ireland Constitution specifies that EGMs can be called by submission in writing to the NEC by (a) a majority of the NEC or (b) at least one-third of all registered full members in the Federation. The quorum for an EGM shall be at least one third of all members registered with the Federation. Any member of the NEC may place on the agenda of the next scheduled NEC meeting a motion for holding an EGM and what motion(s) should be brought to the membership for their vote. Such a motion for an EGM will be voted on by the NEC and if a majority of all officers on the NEC vote for the motion then an EGM shall be held. Should any member submit in writing a letter requesting an EGM and the motion to be brought forward to the membership accompanied by a petition signed by one third of all registered members of the Federation, the NEC shall first guarantee that the persons signing the petition are members of the Federation and the required numbers are met within 14 days of the date of submission. To make the petition clear to the members, it must state at the top of an A4 sheet of paper the text of the motion(s) to be brought forward at the EGM and then allow for a signature and printed name of each signatory to facilitate the verification of membership; a petition will be made up of multiples of these sheets. If the requirements are met for either method, the President shall alert the membership, schedule the EGM within 6 weeks of submission of the request, and place the requested item on the agenda. We have an issue here. Should the NEC provide a complete list of the membership to any requested member to facilitate the collection? Does this violate privacy laws? The NEC certainly must provide on request the current number of Full Members. This count should be made available on the annual reports, probably broken down by club and separately by age. EGMs will be held in accordance with the AGMs as specified in the constitution except that the only item to be considered in the EGM shall be the motions put forward in the original letter or petition.

4 National Executive Committee

4.1 Special Officers on the NEC The NEC will put forward for election at the Annual General Meeting following the procedures outlined in the constitution officers for the following positions: i. League coordinator for each league to be implemented for the following year. The league coordinator will take on the duties expressed under the league formation and organization discussed below. The league coordinator will also verify compliance with the Anti-Doping policies.. ii. Public Relations Officer who shall endeavor to raise the profile and advertise the Federation amongst the public at large. iii. Youth Liaison officer who shall liaise with Youth Baseball Federations that affiliate with Baseball Ireland, keeping both Federations informed of the developments within each. The officer also verifies compliance with the Child Protection Policies. iv. Adult Development Officer who shall endeavor to create programs and activities to increase the number of players and the standard of players in the Federation. v. Sponsorship and Merchandising Officer who shall endeavor to find Sponsors for the Federation and create any merchandise that may create income opportunities for the Federation. vi. Field Co-coordinator who shall coordinate maintenance of the National Baseball Field.

4.2 The Budget The Federation will create a budget for each of its fiscal years. The budget shall specify the expenses the Federation expects to incur for each of the competitions and activities on offer for the next season and the sources of income or funds the Federation will use to pay for these competitions and activities. Funds or income that has specific constraints on the activities they can be applied to should be noted. The budget shall not normally be made public but any member who wishes to review it shall petition the Treasurer or the NEC. The Federation shall publish by March 31 of each year, a table of the levies for clubs and fees for players for each of its leagues for that season. The table will include amounts and due dates for payments. Tables of fees and levies for other competitions shall be published prior to the start of these competitions.

4.3 The Registration Process The registration process shall accomplish three primary goals: i. Create an easy to maintain and simple to use mechanism to get new clubs and players into the competitions. ii. Uniquely identify each club and player who will participate in any competition the Federation will offer in any season. iii. Provide the funds necessary to implement these competitions. The NEC shall require each registered member to submit specific information on themselves and that information will be held privately for the exclusive use of Baseball Ireland and not be published or made public. Baseball Ireland recognizes the following types of registrations: A club / team A player A player who is a student A player under 18 years of age A player who will only play for one half of a season A club official A league or Baseball Ireland Official A Baseball Ireland Associate Club and team levies will be collected prior to the beginning of the season. Player fees will be collected prior to any player participating in any game. The player fees will be collected by the managers and then paid over to the Treasurer according to the dates in the Table of Levies and Fees.

4.3.1 Clubs and Teams Baseball Ireland recognizes two types of clubs: (i) those that form teams to participate in BI competitions and (ii) those that affiliate with BI but form teams to play in their own competitions. For a club to be registered with the Federation, it must first form itself as described below. The club will be considered registered when they form a team that registers with a Federation League and pay the required levies to the Treasurer of the Federation by the date in the Table of Fees and Levies. A club and all of its teams must be registered PRIOR to participating in any Federation competition. A club will be considered registered if they had registered in the prior year and the date for levies for the new season has not yet come about. The club must give to the League Coordinator the following information for each team they register: i. Name and contact information for the Manager(s) of the team. ii. Proof of banking account including bank and account number and signing authority list.

4.3.2 Players A player must be registered PRIOR to participating in any competition the Federation offers specifically because the Federation insurance requires registration for coverage. Sanctions and penalties apply to any club who plays unregistered players in any Federation competition. The Federation desires to establish a simple process to bring in new players in and get them playing. This must be balanced with the requirement to collect fees and make sure the safety and insurance rules are applied. A player shall be considered registered once (a) their name, registration type and details below have been submitted in writing or email to the League Coordinator or his designate, (b) the League Coordinator acknowledges receiving the information and (c) the player or his club pays the Treasurer the fee for their registration type. The player details that must be included in the registration process are: i. Name ii. Club / Team iii. Date of Birth iv. Contact phone and/or email Optional information but wanted i. Irish or non-Irish passport holder ii. Physical Address Every registered player over the age of 18 who is resident in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland shall be considered a Full Member of Baseball Ireland. The League Coordinator will forward the list of players to the treasurer at each of the due dates for player fees so that a full accounting can be made and the treasurer can inform the club captain of the player fees due. A player can be un-registered if the club manager does not pay the required dues by the date published or if the player is registered with an incorrect registration type. The manager shall be notified by the Treasurer and / or the League Coordinator and the player shall be considered not registered from that moment on.

4.3.3 Club officials The Federation recognizes that persons not acting as players will be associated with the club and asks that they register. The Federation requires any person who will take an active roll in the activities of the club on the field to register, e.g. non-playing managers and coaches. Failure to do so could result in sanctions from the NEC. A club official shall be considered registered once (a) their name, registration type and details below have been submitted in writing or email to the League Coordinator or his designate, (b) the League Coordinator acknowledges receiving the information and (c) the officials or the club pay pays the Treasurer the fee for their registration type. The official's details that must be included in the registration process are: i. Name ii. Club iii. Date of Birth iv. Contact email and / or phone number Optional information but wanted i. Irish or non-Irish passport holder ii. Physical Address Every registered official over the age of 18 resident in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland shall be considered a Full Member of Baseball Ireland.

4.3.4 Baseball Ireland Officials Any person who will fulfill a role in an official capacity who is not already registered must register, for example scorekeepers, umpires, guest coaches and national club managers. A League or Baseball Ireland official shall be considered registered once (a) their name, registration type and details below have been submitted in writing or email to the Treasurer, League Coordinator or their designate, (b) the submission has been acknowledged and (c) the officials pay the treasurer the fee for their registration type. The official's details that must be included in the registration process are: i. name ii. Date of Birth v. Contact email and / or phone number Optional information but wanted i. Irish or non-Irish passport holder ii. Physical Address Every registered club official over the age of 18 and resident in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland shall be considered a Full Member of Baseball Ireland.

4.3.5 Associate Members Any person who wishes to join the Federation in a manner where they can participate in some capacity can register as an Associate Member. An associate member shall be considered registered once (a) their name, registration type and details below have been submitted in writing or email to the Treasurer or designate, (b) the submission has been acknowledged and (c) the officials pay the treasurer the fee for their registration type. The Associate Member's details that must be included in the registration process are: i. name ii. Year of Birth iii. Contact email and / or phone

5 Club & Team Formation / Organization

Baseball Ireland wants to make it easy for new clubs and teams to be introduced into the organization. The Federation recognizes that starting a new club or team presents difficulties, especially in being competitive so that all of the players can enjoy their playing experience. The Federation stands prepared to help new clubs and the Adult Development Officer has this as a specific responsibility. A club consists of the following elements: A club name that is unique in the entire Federation A club director. A club bank account where all funds are held A home field A team consists of the following elements: A team name that is unique in the entire Federation A designated manager(s) that acts as the representative of the club to the Federation and whom the Federation expects will see the club responsibilities will be fulfilled At least 8 players Any new club wishing to join the Federation should petition the President or Adult Development Officer. The Adult Development Officer shall work with the club manager to establish the above elements and to evaluate the likelihood that the club can field both the number of players and the necessary skill positions. The NEC will vote on whether to accept the club or suggest an alternate route for including them in baseball. The Federation does not determine how the club chooses to form or make decisions. The Federation does require all clubs that register to abide by these bye-laws and other documents that govern how the Federation manages the sport of baseball in Ireland. If a club does not register by the published dates, the Federation shall deem it to have folded. A club may withdraw from the league by notifying the League Coordinator. A club owns all funds garnered from sponsorships obtained to help reduce the costs of playing to their members. The Federation reserves the right to veto sponsorship deals by vote of the NEC if the Federation believes they bring the Federation into disrepute or is in violation of any rules or regulations of any of the governing bodies to which the Federation affiliates or is in conflict with sponsorship obtained by the NEC from another sponsor.

5.1 Responsibilities Each club has certain responsibilities that the Federation expects them to fulfill including: i. Club registration ii. Player registration iii. Establish and maintain a club bank account in accordance with requirements of the Irish Revenue Service. iv. Purchase and maintain club equipment including catcher's gear (mask, helmet, protectors), batting helmets and bats. v. Establish a club uniform 6 League Formation / Organization The Federation will form one or more baseball leagues each season. Each league will consist of 3 or more clubs that will compete for the league championship by playing games against each other. Each game shall be played under the Baseball Ireland Rules of Baseball as published by Baseball Ireland. Each league shall have a league coordinator that sits on the BI committee. Each league will follow the bye-laws as set forth in this document.

6.1 League Schedule

The League Coordinator will publish an NEC approved League Calendar by March 31 of each season which will specify the draft date, game dates, the reserved days for make-up games and reserved dates for national team commitments. Each club will be asked for their input to the league schedule prior to submission to the committee. Conflicts and tradeoffs do occur between weather, daylight, league activities, national team activities, field availability and player availability. The league coordinator will make a good faith effort to balance these factors for the best interests of baseball in Ireland. The league schedule will specify the date, time, the home team, the visiting team, the field and the umpires for each game.

6.2 League Champions The League Coordinator shall consult with the Managers of the registered teams in the League to create a process for determining the League Championship. The League Coordinator will publish the agreed procedure prior to the beginning of the season. If no agreement can be made or if the procedure and criteria are not published, the procedure following shall be used to determine the League championship. i. Every game played will generate league points as follows: 5 for a win, 3 for a tie game, 2 for a loss and -1 for a walkover. A walkover and a tie game are defined in the Rules of Baseball. ii. At the end of the season, the league points shall be tallied and if one team has the most points, they will be the league champions. iii. In the event of a draw between 2 teams, the two teams will host a single championship game and the winner shall be the league champion. The home team will be decided by the criteria in iv below. iv. In the event of a draw between 3 or more teams, the criteria below will be used recursively in the order they are presented to eliminate one team at a time until there are 2 teams left to play in the final playoff game:

1) Eliminate the team with the most number of walkovers given. In the event of a draw rewards teams who field a team every game

2) Tally the points for the drawn teams from (1) above in head to head competition. The team with the fewest points gets eliminated. In the event of a draw

3) Tally the total runs scored for the drawn teams from (2) above in the head to head games, the team with the lowest score gets eliminated, in the event of a draw

4) Tally the total runs scored against the drawn teams from (3) above in the head to head games, the team with the highest score gets eliminated, in the event of a draw

5) The team with the fewest wins gets eliminated, in the event of a draw

6) The names of the teams are put into a hat and one name is randomly drawn by the league commissioner, that team is eliminated. In the event a club withdraws or is expelled from the league, all their fixtures will be cancelled and all of the league points gained or lost in games against that team shall be deducted. Such deductions will occur prior to calculating the final league table and champion.

6.3 Player Rosters, Allocations& Transfers

The Federation recognizes that a player's enjoyment of their participation in baseball comes from 2 principal influences: their club mates and their ability to compete. Recreational baseball is a social game as much as an athletic contests so the Federation wants to keep clubs, teams, and friends, together as much as possible while at the same time distribute skilled players amongst the teams so that everybody can compete. It does this by controlling how clubs find players via assignment, the draft, recruitment and transfers.

6.3.1 Team Rosters & Floating Players Every team that registers with the League must maintain a roster of registered players. No player may be listed on the roster of two teams in the same League at the same time with the exception of Floating Players detailed below. Floating Players The Federation recognizes that growing the Leagues and introducing new teams sometimes means clubs are just on the cusp of being able to introduce new teams limited either by numbers or skilled players. Hence, the Federation will allow Floating Players subject to the constraints listed below. The Federation recognizes that Floating Players undermine the competitive nature of the league even though they may increase the competitiveness of a particular game and increase the enjoyment of the players participating in that game. The constraints below exist to balance the desire for a competitive league vs the desire to have fun and competitive matches and grow the number of players. A Floating Player is defined as a player listed on the roster of one team but allowed to play with a second team formed by the same club and playing in the same league. A player who plays on multiple teams in different leagues is not a Floating Player. Clubs that want to field Floating Players must petition the NEC on which two teams they want to share players between. The NEC will grant permission on a case by case basis. The NEC shall use as the basis of their decision the number of players the club has on record, the number of skill players they have on record and the state of other teams in the league in question to see if the Player Assignment option might solve the situation in a more equitable fashion. The NEC can decide between 3 options: (i) no floating players allowed; (ii) floating players only from an established team or teams as their primary team to a developing team as their secondary team; or (iii) floating players allowed to float between both the established and the developing teams within the club. The latter will occur rarely as the Federation does not want to create a "Farm" system within the same League. Finally, the NEC can also stipulate a cut-off registration date for floating players so as to reduce the likelihood of a team finding a dominant player available for a small portion of the season to play for both teams. The two teams in question must submit their player roster as normal which will allow the league to identify which player float between the teams. The team a player registers with is called their primary team. The team they can also play with, i.e. float, will be their secondary team. The manager of the team may only submit a line-up card with 2 Floating Players clearly identified with "(FP)" added to their name. The umpire, the opposing manager and the scorekeeper must be notified of their inclusion in the batting order. Fielding more than 2 Floating Players, fielding an ineligible Floating Player or failing to notify the officials or opposing team shall mean forfeiture of the game. Floating Players may only make as many pitching appearances against any specific team as the scheduled head-to-head matches for each league season. This head-to-head number equals the number of times each team plays each other team for the league championship. For example, the 2003 season had teams play each other twice a season which means that a Floating Player can only make 2 pitching appearances against any single team in the league. If the league schedule has teams playing each other 3 times, then the pitching appearances figure adjusts accordingly. The league coordinator and the team manager using the floating players are responsible for tracking this. This constraint exists because the pitching position can dominate a game much more than any other position. No player can participate in more than the sum of the total games their primary team is schedule for during the season plus the head-to-head number as defined above. For example, the total schedule games for each team in 2003 was 14 games and the head-to-head number was 2 so any Floating Player would be constrained to a total of 16 games during that season. This constraint exists to limit a single dominant player from playing all of the time and potentially undermining the league competition. Individual statistics will only be compiled for players when they play with their primary team which is why they must be identified in the line-up card. This constraint exists because the league does present individual achievement awards based on statistics and we do not want the Floating Player option abused to allow a player to opt to play against weaker opposition to improve their personal statistics.

6.3.2 Player Assignment On occasion, the League Coordinator may recommend that a particular not previously registered player be assigned to a particular club either because a) The player is a skill player, pitcher / catcher, which a particular club has a great need. b) The player lives close to the other players on that club c) The player has pre-existing relationships with members of that club (friends/relatives) and has expressed a desire to play on the same club as his friends/relatives. Such assignments shall be done on or prior to draft day and carried or denied by a simple vote of the managers in a league where each club has one vote and the League Coordinator has a deciding vote in the event of a draw. If an unregistered player makes themselves known to the League Coordinator or NEC after the draft day and before the end of the season for that year, then they will be assigned to a team which the NEC decides has the greatest need.

6.3.3 Player Draft A player draft will be held at the beginning of each season for those teams sharing the same home field. As of 2003, this only means those teams using the National Baseball Field as their home field. The players placed in the draft will be those players who have expressed an interest in playing baseball through the official channels of the web site or responding to Federation sponsored advertising. The League Coordinator and Adult Development Officer will complete the list of players along with some mention of skills and abilities of the players and provide this to the club managers prior to the draft. The League Coordinator will propose a draft mechanism to provide for a competitive league. Hence, teams that are considered weak or who have fewer players may be given either more draft choices or more assignments. The order of the draft shall normally be the reverse order of the league standings from the preceding season. Each team shall make one selection for each round. Trades are allowed so long as the teams involved inform the League Coordinator in writing.

6.3.4 Transfer of Players The Federation recognizes that players may wish to transfer teams and that frequently they will leave if not allowed to do so. As such, the Federation will allow transfers if compelling reasons are presented. The Federation will look unfavorably on transfers caused by players or managers of other teams urging or recruiting players to transfer. A transfer request will be made by the player to the League Coordinator stating the player's reasons and the new team they wish to join. If the current manager and the potential new manager should agree and the League Coordinator has no objections, then the transfer shall occur immediately. If any of these persons object, and the player still wants to transfer, then the request will be made to the NEC. All transfers will be approved with 50% or more votes of the NEC and team managers where each committee member and each team in the league is provided with one vote. Such vote shall be initiated at an NEC meeting where the team managers and the player in question will be invited to make their case if they wish. Votes can be cast via email or other communication with the Secretary prior to the date requested by the Secretary. A vote not cast by the deadline will be considered an abstention. The votes will be made public

6.3.5 Player Recruitment The largest source of new players comes from current players recruiting and the Federation wants to encourage this as much as possible. Players recruited and registered by a team shall join that team and not be subject to player assignment. This does not preclude any player taking advantage of their transfer rights.

6.4 Game Cancellations and Postponements The Federation expects games to take place on the day they are scheduled. The baseball rules, section 4 deals with games where one team can't field players. If one team cancels the game, then it shall be deemed a walkover as described in the Baseball Ireland rules of Baseball rule 4.17. In exceptional circumstances both managers may agree to postpone the game, they must alert the League Coordinator and supply an alternate date. If the League Coordinator approves, the new date becomes the new official date to which all rules apply.

6.5 Protested Games Rule 4.19 in the Baseball Ireland Rules of Baseball requires every league to adopt procedures for protesting a game. It also discusses how protests are handled during the game and what types of umpire decisions can be protested. Every manager should read this section of the rules. The manager who wishes to protest the game must submit in writing to the League Coordinator their protest detailing the specific umpire decision that they believe contravenes the rules of baseball and how that contravention has adversely affected his team's chances of winning the game. The letter must also state the exact state of play at the point of protest. The League Coordinator or designate in the event of a conflict of interest, shall interview the umpire in question and the opposing manager. The League Coordinator or designate shall rule either that (a) the protest is overruled, (b) that the judgment in question did not materially affect the protesting teams chances of winning the game or (c) that the game should be replayed from the point of protest, following the same amended rules for suspended games, and provide a date for such a replay.

7 Game Day Rules

7.1 Equipment and Uniforms Each team is expected to furnish their own team equipment of catcher's gear, batting helmets and bats. Each team is expected to have each of their players wearing the team uniform. The Federation shall furnish each club with 3 dozen baseballs for use in Federation competitions. The home team for each competition shall provide 3 balls in good condition to the umpire prior to the game. The umpire shall decide if the balls meet playing standards.

7.2 Field preparation and cleanup The home team has responsibility for field preparation and cleanup. For the National Baseball Field, this includes raking the dirt portions of the infield, the mound and installing / removing the bases. Field preparation must occur prior to the second game in a double header. Failure to perform the field preparation responsibilities may result in a sanction from the NEC.

7.3 Rules of Baseball The Federation has published the Baseball Ireland rules of Baseball which slightly amend the IBAF rules of Baseball and is published on the website.

8 Umpiring & Scorekeeping The Federation recognizes that we cannot hold competitive games that people enjoy unless we have competent umpires. In addition, umpiring often represents one of the larger costs associated with running a league competition. The Federation intends that every competition it offers shall be umpired by competent officials. The Federation will provide annual training to its officials and endeavor to find persons dedicated to this role. The Federation does not have a large body of umpires to date and as such may require each team to provide umpires for games they are not participating in. As such, each team will be required to have one or more of their players attend the annual umpire training courses provided. The Federation believes that in the future enough dedicated umpires will be found so as to form a Baseball Ireland Umpires Association. Baseball Ireland will encourage this activity. The Federation also recognizes that statistics surrounding the game are part of the game. As such, Baseball Ireland will endeavor to provide scorekeepers for every league competition it offers. Members interested in scorekeeping will be provided training. As with the umpires, we would encourage the founding of a Baseball Ireland Scorekeepers Association if enough persons were interested. The Rules of Baseball, the code of Ethics and these bye-laws each state that officials of Baseball Ireland umpiring or scorekeeping shall be accorded respect for the difficult job they take on. Any member violating these rules will be sanctioned by the NEC.

9 Tournaments, Cup and Blitz competitions

The Federation may hold one or more baseball tournaments, cup or blitz competitions each season. The rules of baseball may be altered for these games in order to facilitate time and weather conditions and to handle replays and draws.

9.1 Cup Competitions A cup competition consists of an elimination format competition played over a number of weeks. The NEC shall appoint a coordinator for the cup who will publish the schedule and the governing rules for how teams proceed in the cup and any alterations to the Rules of Baseball required due to the constraints of time, weather and guaranteeing a winner and loser. The schedule shall include dates, starting times, sunset times for weekday games and provide for alternate days should weather interfere starting the game. The cup games shall either be on weekends or on weekday evenings. (BTW, you can see the sunrise and sunset times for Ireland entering the following information into the website listed latitude 53 degrees 20 minutes N and Longitude 6 degrees 15 minutes W

9.2 Tournaments and Blitz Competitions A Tournament competition is one where teams from leagues outside Baseball Ireland organized league competitions are invited to play in Ireland. Normally the Tournament takes place over 1-3 days with multiple games. The winners of the Tournament can be determined using a wide variety of methods. A Blitz competition differs from a Tournament in that it only includes teams from Leagues organized by Baseball Ireland. In all other respects, it looks like a tournament and the same organizing rules will apply. The NEC shall appoint a coordinator / committee for the tournament or blitz who will publish the schedule and the governing rules for how teams proceed and any alterations to the Rules of Baseball required due to the constraints of time, weather and guaranteeing a winner and loser. Suggested rule changes for tournament and blitz games: A regulation game shall be 3 completed innings or a time limit as defined in the blitz rules by the blitz coordinator. A called game once regulation, shall not become a suspended game as in rule 4.11(d). Rather the following shall apply: o If the home team is at bat when the game is called and has taken the lead then the home team shall be declared the winners. o Otherwise, the score shall revert back to the last completed inning. In the event of a draw at the end of a regulation game, the winner shall be determined as follows: a count back of scores at the end of each completed inning. The first team to have a lead at the end of the inning shall be the winner. In the case of a draw the umpire shall flip a coin and the home team shall call their side of the coin in the air.

10 Disciplinary Procedures

10.1 Procedures The Federation intends the following procedures to be used for disciplinary actions relating to players, coaches or spectator ejected or otherwise disciplined by the umpire during a league competition. Time is of the essence in these procedures and all efforts should be made to get a ruling made prior to the next stage of the competition, for example before the next league games. This becomes especially important before we reach the end of the season or playoff games. The league coordinator or designate shall form a 3 person panel chosen from a pool of person including the NEC, the managers (or designate) of all active clubs in the competition and members of the Umpire Association. The panel shall have at least one officer of the NEC who shall chair the panel and at least one member must be a recognized umpire in the League. All of the members chosen must be neutral, they must not have been a participant in the events to be judged and they may not have an interest in any resulting disciplinary action taken. For example, no member of a baseball club or umpire involved in the game in which the event occurred shall serve on the panel and no member of a baseball club whose position in the league standings will be materially effected shall be chosen. Also, no member of a club who would play the offending player's club during any likely banned games can be chosen. The league coordinator shall inform the umpires, managers and players effected who sits on the panel. The panel must make a decision before the following week so must be formed as soon as possible, preferably the Monday following a weekend game. The umpires involved will submit a report of the incident to the panel and the managers of the two teams and the player involved may submit their own report of the incident to the panel. The panel must make their decision quickly; hence they are only required to wait for the umpire's report if the other evidence does not get produced in a timely fashion. The panel will meet in the means the chair deems most effective and make a recommendation for disciplinary action. Their discussions shall remain private and publication of their discussions will take place. The panel chair shall review the evidence with the panel and make a disciplinary action recommendation. The panel requires only a 2 person majority to make their decision. Disciplinary actions should be guided by the disciplinary guidelines below and can include elements of being banned for a number of games, expulsion, fines and letters of apology. Specific banning could also be applied, e.g. player banned the next time the two teams involved play or for any post-season competition. The panel will distribute their findings and their disciplinary act decision to the league coordinator, the players, managers and umpires involved in the event. The league coordinator will distribute the findings to all managers in the competition.

10.1.1 Recommended Disciplinary Actions The panels should use the guidelines below and consider factors like which inning the ejection took place and the severity of the act before reaching a decision. Ejections for violations of equipment rules: warning, second offence = 2 game ban Ejections for pitchers altering ball: 1 game ban, second offence = 2 game ban Ejections for arguing balls and strikes warning, second offence = 2 game ban Ejections for throwing equipment 1 game ban, second offence = 2 game ban Ejections for bumping, defying, insulting or embarrassing an umpire 1 game ban & apology, second offence = 5 game ban and 50 fine or additional 3 games if fine not paid Ejections for unsportsmanlike behaviour (includes throwing at a batter, verbal abuse and dangerous play): 1 - 3 game ban depending on severity & apology, second offence = 5 game ban and 50 fine or additional 3 games if fine not paid Ejections for violent behaviour toward player, e.g. fights or assaults 2-4 game ban depending on severity, second offence = 5 game ban and 50 fine or additional 3 games if fine not paid Ejections for violent behaviour towards umpire, e.g. pushing, hitting or shoving apology, 5 game - full season ban, 80 fine. If fine not paid, then ban for additional 5 games By definition, a person banned from a game means they are not allowed to take part in that game in any capacity. They can not wear the uniform; they cannot be in the dugout or mix with the players between innings; as a coach or manager they are not allowed to send signals from the sidelines. Violation of these rules could result in unsportsmanlike conduct violations being levied against the acting manager of the team in question. Fines must be paid to the league coordinator or Treasurer before the person can resume playing. A Walkover GIVEN by a team who has a player serving a suspension, counts as 1 game off the number of games which the player has been suspended for. However where a team who has a player serving a suspension, RECEIVES a Walkover by the opposing team, then that game does NOT count as 1 game off the number of games which the player has been suspended for. The balance of games suspended is then carried forward to the Team's next fixture.

10.2 Appeals Any person involved in the event can make a formal request to the NEC for an appeal by contacting the director and submitting an Appeals Fee (20) to deter frivolous appeals. All disciplinary actions shall be put on hold, from the date of the appeal, while the appeals process goes forward. The NEC will form an Appeals Panel to review the evidence involved and decide to enhance, reduce or leave the disciplinary action as is. The procedures will be as follows: - The person wishing to make the appeal shall contact the NEC Director, or Secretary in the event of their absence, via phone, email or post within 10 days of the Disciplinary Panel's finding. They must pay the appeals fee. - The Director or designate shall identify all members of the NEC who are neutral using the same definition in 10.1 above to form the Appeals Panel. The NEC Directory must also decide on the chair for the Appeals Panel should s/he not be neutral, but that chair shall not be the same person used in the Disciplinary Panel. The resulting committee must have at least 3 members to be a quorum. If less than 3 members can be found, additional members can be added to the Appeals Panel from the same pool as in 10.1 above. - The Appeals Panel shall meet via whatever means the chair deems most effective. The chair will invite the umpires, managers and players involved to submit more evidence if they so wish. The Appeals Panel must decide on the following questions and all subsequent evidence and discussion should focus on these questions. (i) Was the Disciplinary Panel formed correctly and procedures followed? (ii) Was the decision of the panel appropriate given the evidence presented? (iii) Does any new evidence suggest the panel may have made a different ruling? (iv) Were the disciplinary acts in line with the guidelines or should they be changed? If so, what should they be changed to? - The appeals committee chair shall publish the answers to these questions within 10 days of the appeal to the persons involved in the incident and all team managers.

11 Sanctions & Appeals

The Federation intends that formal sanctions to be used as a last resort for handling violations of rules or codes of conduct. The Rules of Baseball cover many violations and their consequences during a game of Baseball. The procedures below are intended to cover actions and activities whose consequences extend further than, or outside of , a specific game. (GMP: This needs to be cleaned up with respect to disciplinary panel above) The Federation intends to apply sanctions commensurate with the violation should sanctions be necessary.

11.1 Sanctions

Procedure for applying sanctions shall be as follows: Any member of Baseball Ireland may petition a hearing from the NEC regarding what they believe has been a violation of the bye-laws or codes of conduct of the Federation by submitting their case in writing to the President. The NEC may agree to hear or reject the application. If rejected, the NEC must respond in writing their reasons for rejecting to the petitioner. If the NEC agrees to hear the petition, then an NEC meeting shall be organized and the Secretary shall invite the petitioner, the person or team who are under investigation and any witnesses that the NEC believes may help them make a decision. At the meeting, the petitioner shall be allowed to present their case and any witnesses they wish to bring forward to the NEC so long as such presentation shall not exceed 45 minutes, as measured by the Secretary. The accused shall be allowed to make the same presentation. Then both sides shall be asked to leave for the NEC to consider in private. Subsequent to this meeting, the NEC shall issue a decision, their reasoning for the decision and any sanctions they will impose including their reasoning for imposing those sanctions. The documentation surrounding a petition shall not normally be made public, and may in fact request that all information regarding the investigation be held in private. Following is a short list of violations and likely sanctions for such a violation. This list shall not be construed as the only set of violations for which the NEC can apply sanctions. Team Violations Violation Sanction Playing an unregistered player Game is given as walkover to opposing team.. Player or Team Official violations Violation Sanction Using banned substances From warning to expulsion from the league Abuse of official From warning to expulsion from the league Physical or extreme verbal abuse of another player or spectator. From warning to expulsion from the league Unsportsmanlike activities From warning to banned for a number of games Violation of child protection guidelines Review of interaction with children to banning from interaction with children to expulsion.

11.2 Appeals Any person sanctioned by the NEC has the right to appeal the decision of the NEC. The petitioner can appeal both the violation and the sanction applied. Appeals will be done using the procedure below. The Federation requires an Appeals fee of 30 to deter frivolous appeals being lodged. Only persons or teams sanctioned by Baseball Ireland may appeal. Such a person shall submit in writing to the President a request for appeal, the Appeals Fee and which they are appealing, the violation, the sanction imposed or both. The sanction shall not be enforced until the appeals process has been completed. The Secretary will arrange a meeting of the President, the League Coordinator or designate in the event of conflict of interest, and a manager of any 3 teams in the league who do not have a conflict of interest chosen by lottery. This shall be known as the Appeals Body. All of the written information shall be made available to the Appeals Body prior to their meeting. Any member of the Appeals Body may request additional witnesses or information prior to the meeting. When the Appeals Body meets, the petitioner may present their case, or may wave this right so only the written information shall be considered. The NEC may also send a representative to present their side of the case, or wave this right. After the presentations, the Appeals Body shall retire to consider and decide. In the event that the appeal is made on the violation, the Appeals Body shall decide by simple majority vote with each member casting one vote. In the event of a draw, the President's vote shall make be the deciding vote. If the violation decision is upheld, then the sanction may be appealed separately. The petitioner shall be informed in writing of the Appeals Body's decision and this information shall normally be made public. If the sanction is also being appealed and the violation has been upheld, then the vote on sanction is also taken In the event that the appeal is made on the sanction, then the Appeals Body shall decide by simple majority vote with each member casting one vote. In the event of a draw, the President's vote shall be the deciding vote as to whether the sanctions should stand or be revised by the NEC. The Appeals Body may make a recommendation to the NEC on a sanction, but the responsibility for deciding and applying the new sanction rests with the NEC. The new sanction may also be appealed using this same process only if it differs from recommendation made by the Appeals Body. If the violation or sanction is overturned, the Appeals Fee shall be returned.

12 National Team

The Federation has a specific goal to field one or more Irish National Teams to compete in international or other tournaments. The National Team must play under the rules of the IBAF and other international bodies as such may operate differently than the leagues organized by the Federation. The bye-laws and rules for how the National Team shall be formed, how the players shall be chosen and all other aspects of the National Team are covered in the document Baseball Ireland National Team Policy. All aspects of organizing and implementing the National Team are reserved to that document and in all cases that document holds precedent over the bye-laws in this document should there be conflict between them.

13 Representative Teams

Representative teams exist to facilitate representation of Baseball Ireland leagues in inter-league or tournament competitions. They are much less formal than the National Team. The NEC may appoint any registered person as a representative team manager giving whatever instructions are deemed necessary to adequately field a team. That manager may select for their team any registered player available to them. The Representative Team Manager has full responsibility for team selection and organization.

14 Safety & Insurance

The Federation holds a primary concern for the safety of its members and the public who may watch or interact with the sport. The Federation will take the following specific actions in order to provide for safe enjoyment of any of the competitions it offers. The Federation will provide for all registered members a comprehensive insurance policy. The Federation will publish a summary of this policy on its web site for members to review. As with all insurance policies, the coverage does have limitations. If a member does not believe that the policy covers their specific needs, the Federation will endeavor to obtain clarification from the Insurer and obtain extra coverage if warranted. The Federation will publish ground rules for each of the fields it will hold league games. These ground rules will be published on the web site and reviewed by the home team with the umpires and visiting team managers prior to games being played.

14.1 Restrictions on Playing The sport of baseball can be physically demanding; injuries can and do occur. Any player who has an injury must ascertain if they are fit to play such a competitive sport before participating. The lower age limit for participation in the sport of baseball at adult level shall be 16 years of age. Clubs may apply to the NEC for an exemption for players not younger than 14 years of age (the European Baseball Federations lower age limit for international participation). Any exemption will depend, at a minimum, on an assessment of physical and technical competence and appropriate documentary evidence of ability. In addition, written permission from the player's parents or guardians, and nomination of a team representative to act in loco parentis shall be required. Physical and technical competence will be assessed by a committee appointed by the President, consisting of at least 2 suitably qualified individuals. This committee will issue their recommendations to the NEC, who shall decide whether to issue an exemption. This decision will be given within one month of all the relevant facts & information being presented to BI, and shall not be subject to appeal on questions of judgement. The Federation advises strongly against playing while pregnant, while recognising the right of the individual player to exercise her choice in this matter. The Umpire in Chief may refuse any player to be allowed to participate if, in his or her judgement, the safety of the player or other persons would be at risk.

15 Ethics & Child Protection Policy

The NEC shall publish a Code of Ethics for the Federation on the website which will include our statement on Child Protection. All managers of teams will be given a written copy annually and required to sign that they have read the document. Violations of the Code of Ethics can and will produce Sanctions from the NEC.

16 Anti-Doping Policy Testing by the Irish Sports Council.

These bye-laws must be reviewed for legality in the event is tested.




The Northern Knights retained their Dublin International Baseball title by defeating the Irish Team in the final on June 29th at Dodger Baseball Field in Corkagh Park, Clondalkin. The tournament was a centrepiece of the Baseball Festival Weekend which coincided with the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the opening of the Irish National Baseball Facility. The tournament featured the Irish National Team and three teams from the UK: The Northen Knights, the Bolton Robots of Doom and the London Metros. CJ Brown (Ireland) was selected as the top pitcher of the tournament and Karim Ariane (Northern Knights) won the Tournament MVP.

We were also fortunate to have our good friends (Jason Holowaty is a legend) in Major League Baseball supply us with the MLB Road Show which proved to be a great hit with kids of all ages! We also had a Youth Baseball Blitz all day Saturday which showed that the future of Irish Baseball is bright.

I'd also like to specially thank MICK MANNING for all his work as well as some guests who made the extra effort to join in the celebrations: Martin Miller (President - Confederation of European Baseball), Gus O'Connell (Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council) and Robert Faucher (Deputy Chief of Mission from the US Embassy to Ireland).

Pictured left to right: Mike Kindle, Gus O'Connell (Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council), Martin Miller (President - Confederation of European Baseball), and Robert Faucher (Deputy Chief of Mission from the US Embassy to Ireland).

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, 28th June

10:00 - Ireland vs Northern Knights

12:00 - 10th Anniversary Ceremony

12:30 - London Metros vs Bolton Robots of Doom

14:30 - Northern Knights vs London Metros

16:30 - Bolton Robots of Doom vs Ireland

Sunday, 29th June

10am - London Metros vs Ireland

12:00 - Bolton Robots vs Northern Knights

14:00 - Third Place Playoff

16:00 - Championship Final

NASN - Proud Supporters of the Irish National Baseball Team


2007 - #10 is Retired

In 2007 Will Beglane's #10 was retired from Baseball Ireland


4th July 2009 - Dan Rooney

2004 - Special Events


3rd Dublin International Baseball Tournament

June 5th - 7th, 2004

Dodger Baseball Field, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin

This year's Dublin International Tournament turned out to be a Classic. After losing their initial qualifying game of the tournament to the Irish National Team on the Sunday morning and facing elimination, The President's 9 needed a victory against Club California on Sunday afternoon to put them into the final. In one of the best games ever played at Dodger Baseball Field in Corkagh Park, the P9 scored three runs in the bottom of the 8th to win a thrilling 4-2 game and, in so doing, knocked out the Golden State visitors.

Flawless defense, timely hitting and some key Managerial decisions by Jason Nebenzahl were once again the keys to the P9's 6-4 victory over the Irish National Team in the Championship decider. P9 Shortstop, Enrique Garcia was the worthy winner of the Tournament MVP award.

Tournament Schedule - RESULTS

Saturday, 5th June

Opening Ceremony

10am - Club California vs Ireland (2 - 17)

2pm - Old Timers vs Young Bucks (3 - 2)

Sunday, 6th June

10am - Ireland vs President's Nine (19 - 12)

2pm - President's Nine vs Club California (4 - 2)

Monday, 7th June

1pm - Final - President's Nine vs Ireland (6 - 4)


The 2003 Dublin International Baseball Tournament, held the weekend of July 12th & 13th, saw the visiting Slocum Baseball Club from Rhode Island, USA take the title.

Played in glorious sunshine on both Saturday and Sunday, the American team went undefeated in the tourney and were crowned 2003 Champions after defeating the Irish League's President 9 All-Star team 14-3 in the final. The game was close after four innings with the Slocum team holding a 4-3 lead behind the pitching and hitting of Tournament MVP Andy Donnelly. The President's 9 played terrific baseball throughout the tournament as well but ran out of gas against a better team on the day.

We would like to take this oppotunity to thank all who attended the two-day event including our visitors from Rhode Island and the many volunteers who put on a brilliant weekend of baseball agus craic. Special thanks to Sean Mitchell, Glen Poor, Ann Murphy, Brian Connolly, Jason Nebenzahl and a host of others who made this weekend the best hosted international event in Irish Baseball history.

Champions: Slocum Baseball Club, Rhode Island, USA

Runners-up: President's 9 All-Stars

MVP: Any Donnelly (Slocum BC)

Pitching Award: Cormac Eklof (Ireland)

2003 Dublin International Baseball Tournament Champions

Slocum Baseball Club, Rhode Island, USA

Mayor Bloomberg Supports Irish Baseball

At a recent Irish Festival in New York, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg paid a special visit to Irish National Team player, Kevin Foy, who was operating a promotional stand for Baseball Ireland. Kevin spread the word of Irish Baseball to thousands of Irish-Americans who enjoyed a day of Irish ceol agus craic - and of course BASEBALL. Our tremendous thanks to the great people of New York who wholeheartedly supported Irish Baseball on the day. Pictured below is Mayor Bloomberg (sporting a National Team cap) and National Team player, Kevin Foy

Baseball Ireland Celebrates July 4th in Style

Baseball Ireland was invited to share in the special July 4th celebrations held at the US Ambassador's residence in the Phoenix Park.

The event, hosted by the US Ambassador to Ireland, Mr Richard Egan, was the largest such event ever held in Ireland and baseball played a central role. Over 3000 guests were invited to the party in which the theme surrounding the proceedings centred around Mr Egan's favourite memories of America and in particular his love for the the New England area of the US. Food served on the night ranged from hot dogs and clam chowder, flown in directly from Boston, to corn on the cob and BBQ ribs. The marquee used to house the event was one of the biggest ever constructed in Europe.

The entertainment was purely American with artists from the world of Jazz, an Afro-American Dance Troupe from Texas and the the star of the evening the legendary Neil Diamond. As Cormac so eloquently surmised, "Whatever IT is, some guys got IT, and Neil Diamond definitely has IT!". (This all made sense on the night)

Mike Kindle, Mr Richard Egan - US Ambassador to Ireland and Cormac Eklof

(Photograph courtesy of Colm Henry Photographers)

As well as the grand marquee and other pieces of Americana which decorated the surroundings, the architect of the event actually had Boston's Green Monster replicated in what was a miniature Fenway Park. Baseball Ireland's Cormac Eklof and Mike Kindle proudly 'manned' this area of the party by donning Boston Red Sox uniforms while posing for photographs with the guests and actually signing a few autographs!